It's like the people who believe they'll be happy if they go and live somewhere else, but who learn it doesn't work that way. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.



"Aphrodite is about love and beauty. Being loving. Spreading beauty. Good friends. Good times. Good deeds. Not just looking good.”

"If you’re going to decipher a hidden code from a complex set of different mazes, I’m pretty sure you need a girl’s brain running the show.”


what a surprise derek is creeping around the school AGAIN

i bet the teachers don’t even care anymore

"didn’t this guy graduate like 10 years ago?"

"yeah but his entire family died in a fire so we just kind of let him stay"


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Honeydukes in Hogsmeade at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

ya lit meme: ten series or books

   ↪ 1/10: looking for alaska by john green